A Little About Me—Jane Gerke, Graphic Designer

I was born here in Phoenix, Arizona, which seems to come as a surprise to most people I meet. I suppose it is somewhat of a rarity in a place where people fly in as “snowbirds” and decide to stay. The fact that I have never left is a choice I question every year right around the middle of August! Nevertheless, I’m a proud native with a deep appreciation for our beautiful Sonoran Desert. The colors and shapes in the earth and plants here are unique and inspiring. Fragrant creosote after a monsoon rain—intoxicating.

My business is graphic design, and I chose it early on. A seventh grade art assignment to create an original typeface lead me to question my dad about what kind of job would actually do this sort of thing. He raised one eyebrow, scratched his head, and proceeded to help me find my way. I stayed the course and earned my BFA in Graphic Design from Arizona State University. I still love typography.

After working in the design and printing industries for 20 years, I started Rubi Studio Visual Communications on Del Rubi Drive in Scottsdale. Since then, I have gravitated toward helping small businesses and non-profits—not exclusively, but at the end of the day, this is the work that fills my heart—and keeps the print work from becoming merely recycling bin fodder! Being thanked by my clients for “making them look good” is what keeps me going, and I strive to create crisp, clean, professional design that does just that.

I have had the great fortune to work with and learn from some amazing people. I have a wonderful friend in my loving husband, one incredibly great kid, and four super cool brothers and sisters. These are the people that prop me up, prod me on, and serve as my behind the scenes focus group. Sweet.

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